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PTFE gasket creep relaxation details

Using had PTFE sealed gasket of manufacturers are know, using process in the must to consider gasket of creep variable relaxation performance, following de Cheng Mong Kok PTFE manufacturers on to simple introduced about PTFE sealed gasket of creep variable pine Chi performance: stress pine Chi not material of basic nature, stress pine Chi by gasket material of creep variable and joint in the other parts of effect, only creep variable is gasket material of basic nature.

When the bolt load is applied, compressive stresses acting on the sign will make the gasket thickness, after running for some time, shim thickness will continue to decrease, stress on the gasket will gradually reduce, called relaxation. Main gasket stress relaxation is actually stress relaxation and creep of the combined effect of two factors. By definition: stress relaxation under constant stress and strain changes, it is expressed as a percentage of the initial gasket thickness under load. The former is called pure relaxation, the latter known as pure creep. For specific loads such bolt-flange-gasket system is stretched by a bolt into the gasket gasket stress of compression forces that gasket stress. Thus, gasket creep under constant stress does not occur, any changes can cause the bolt gasket thickness changes in elongation, and change the gasket stress, gaskets for gasket and bolts interaction called "creep relaxation". Bolt elongation bolt stiffness influence the size, and gasket stress level of inspection. Therefore, the pure creep and flat sealing surface for the slot and has a metal flange joints in contact with metal, and with great stiffness of flat sealing surface of flange joints in the case of the approach.

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