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PVDF PVDF coating development and application

PVDF PVDF coatings were developed in recent years a new type of building material. PVDF paint by high temperature curing Hou can formed performance excellent of protection coating, its coating has resistance waiting, and resistance dip dirt, and insurance color, and toughness good, and wear, and resistance impact, and resistance chemicals corrosion, advantages, poly partial fluoride vinyl PVDF is a ideal of armour material, was widely application Yu building outside wall decorative, Metro, and tunnel, and chemical production district, bad environment Xia metal of paint.

Polyvinylidene fluoride PVDF coating due to early fluoride isoflavones are used asthe main solvent, causing pollution to the environment, as countries of the importance of environmental protection, like fluoride, one mixed solvent system has become the focus PVDF coatings.

Abroad, starting in the late 60 s the PVDF coatings were studied, mainly concentrated in the solvent system provisioning and modification of PVDF resin. But becauseof the monopoly of technology, rarely reported in the literature.

Chinas research in this area started late, polyvinylidene fluoride PVDF coatings currently used by almost all imports, in the field of organic fluorine coatings compared with foreign advanced level there is a large gap. Therefore, in order to improvethe level of architectural paint in China, it is necessary to increase efforts to research and develop high-performance PVDF coatings. PVDF resin and has the characteristics of fluorine-containing resin and resin with excellent overall performance. Poly partial fluoride vinyl PVDF mechanical strength is fluoride resin most superior of products, and in must temperature and by pressure Xia still can keep good of strength: stretch strength, and compression strength high, hardness high, is a strong and toughness of structure material; wear, and resistance fatigue, and hot deformation temperature high: anti-creep degeneration can is fluoride resin in the optimal one of, with poly partial fluoride vinyl (PVDF) resin preparation has solvent type fluoride carbon paint, filter and optimization has PVDF paint of solvent composition.Of PVDF was modified by acrylic resin and study of effect pigments and fillers on the properties of coating of titanium dioxide. Results showed that methyl isobutyl ketone, toluene, ethylene glycol monoethyl ether acetate, 2, 2, 423-21, 32 e OL monoisobutyl acid esters dimethyl phthalate and solvent paint systems composed of good overall performance, and acrylic resin and joining of titanium dioxide significantly improves the performance of PVDF PVDF coating.

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