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Excellent Ageing Resistance Of Fluorine Rubber Blended Rubber

  Excellent ageing resistance of fluorine rubber blended rubber

  The tensile strength of fluoro-carbon fluorine rubber is larger, generally 10-30 MPA, and such as fluorine silicone rubber, carboxyl fluorine rubber, phosphorus nitrile rubber, polyester fluorine rubber, such as the tensile strength of lower, generally 7-10 Mpa the former tensile elongation rate of 150%-300%, the latter can reach more than 500% Shang

  The shore a hardness of fluorine rubber is higher than that of,, which is determined by its molecular rigidity. Its vulcanized rubber shore hardness is generally more than 60, commonly used vulcanized rubber products: hardness of 70-85, fluorine silicone rubber, etc. slightly lower than 50. The abrasion resistance of fluorine rubber is good, but its thermal conductivity is small, and it should pay attention to the, such as using heat-conductive filler or cooling. Heat-resistant fluoro rubber is superior to all other synthetic rubber, and the thermal aging performance in vacuum or air varies with variety. 26 kinds of fluorine rubber generally under 250 ℃ long-term use, short-term use up to 300 ℃. Fluorine silica gel, four fluorine rubber and so on under 150-220 ℃ long-term use, but the fluorine rubber in the high temperature use, its physical and mechanical properties such as tear resistance and so on obviously drop. Oil resistance to liquid erosion of fluorine rubber can be long-term in 250 ℃ of various lubricants, hydraulic oil, fuel, concentrated acid, concentrated oxidant work, its stability is superior to other synthetic gum. The performance of fluorine rubber heat-resistant water and steam, with the development of organic peroxide vulcanized fluorine fluoride technology was solved. PTFE and propylene copolymer four fluorine-resistant alkali, high temperature water and steam performance. 26 types of fluorine rubber in the high, molecular chain polarity, alkali easy to take off hydrogen fluoride, so not alkali, to amine vulcanizing agent vulcanization and bisphenol, AF curing products do not withstand hot water, steam. Because the vulcanization bond produced by this kind of vulcanizing agent is easy to produce high temperature hydrolysis. Only organic peroxide vulcanizing agent vulcanization to produce cc vulcanization bond can withstand this kind of medium. The need for heat-resistant water, steam and alkali, temperature 200 ℃ of the following products recommend the use of four propylene rubber. Compression permanent deformed fluorine rubber has good compressive properties. This depends mainly on the type of vulcanizing agent, and the type of fluorine rubber, the molecular weight of the rubber and its distribution, the acid-absorbing agent, the type of filler and the curing conditions of, and can make some appropriate adjustments, in order to achieve the desired compression permanent deformation requirements. At present, the, is the lowest 10%-35% in the world with Bisphenol and AF as vulcanizing agent.

  The compression permanent deformation of amine vulcanizing agent was second, 35%-55% with organic peroxide as vulcanizing agent, the compression permanent deformation was larger, more than 55%, and the specific data were related to test method and compression rate. Low-temperature performance of fluorine-carbon fluoro-rubber fluorine-resistant properties than natural gum, this is due to the presence of fluorine atoms in the molecular chain caused by the increase in rotation. Low-elasticity lower temperature is generally 20-15 ℃. There are only 20 ℃ of PTFE rubber. Fluorine ether rubber can be used under 60-40 ℃. The 1989 "Challenger" Space shuttle explosion was caused by the use of a cold-resistant fluorine rubber seal ring that has lost its elasticity. Electrical properties of fluorine rubber only suitable for low-frequency, low voltage occasions used. The use of temperature, the type and dosage of filler has a great effect on the electrical properties of the, temperature increase and filler dosage will decrease, but this does not affect its application in wire and cable. High temperature and high pressure oil-resistant cable,. Resistance to ozone, light, climate and radioactive fluoro rubber have a stable effect on sunlight, ozone, climate, and microorganisms, but the effect of, on high energy radiation, will cause the fluorine rubber cracking and crosslinking, to be applied only to the medium radiation dose, but not the application in the atomic energy industry. Air permeability, vacuum fluorine rubber is less than the general gas permeability. Although the solubility of gas in fluorine rubber is large but the diffusion rate of small gas permeability is very low, fluorine fluoride has excellent vacuum resistance. Resistance to combustibility in the flame resistance of fluorine rubber not spontaneous combustion, not combustion to remove flames after extinguishing.

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