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FEP Cable Extrusion Process

Poly-fluorinated ethylene propylene FEP wire extrusion technology

1) material: poly-fluorinated ethylene propylene FEP before extrusion, pre-drying at 120 ℃ 3h.

2) conductive core Preheat: to ensure poly-fluorinated ethylene propylene FEP extrusion temperature uniformity inside and outside insulating layers, conductive core should be preheated to 300-350 c.

3) temperature distribution of extrusion machine: extruder to 280 c (inlet) to 380 c (head) straight up the temperature distribution as well; compressor temperature fluctuation is less than ± 5 ℃, the premise and shall not cause decomposition of resin to maximize compressor temperature to reduce the viscosity of the resin. Extrusion press (from the inlet to the nose), die, die sets the reference temperature is as follows:

Fuselage second paragraph of the first 280-310-c 315-330 c

Third paragraph 340-360 fourth 360-380 ℃

Die 380-410 die 380 ℃ ℃

4) model kit of the test: should be chosen in the range 50-200.

5) screw rpm: temperature, screw speed together after a tune up, the poly-fluorinated ethylene propylene FEP resin extrusion process do not change frequently, if necessary with minor adjustments. Screw speed should vary depending on the size of the conducting wire core cross section, General 5-15r/min.

6) die die insulation: insulation zone should be covered with the entire stretching area, the temperature at 350-380 to avoid F-46 cones prior to forming, formed due to surface quenching stress, causing the insulation cracked.

7) insulated wire cooling: wire from the extruder with water. Distance between die and sink to close is appropriate, recommends less than 20cm.

8) meshes. To improve the FEP resin plastic and mixed quality, increase back pressure, extruder screw Tip 2-3 filter should be added.

9) each batch of the whole should strive to the best fluorinated ethylene propylene FEP material extrusion, ensure the plastic is good, cones and bright, no bubbles, the surface is smooth, Cone and die apartments without "gum". Each batch to process records in order to accumulate data and process data and quality analysis.

Poly-fluorinated ethylene propylene FEP insulated wire in resin-poor quality and extrusion process was established, its insulating layer will crack, the main reason is:

(A) the insulation stress. Production of internal stress for many reasons, for example processing resin composition are caused by incomplete fusion and improper processing.

(B) insulation ball link chain Crystal, lamellar Crystal interface less or too much crystal ball, v

(C) Group of macromolecules to the instability of broken link

(D) distribution of molecular weight resin is too small or too wide, bear the strength of the material.

(E) HFP is too low and uneven distribution.

Summary: poly-fluorinated ethylene propylene FEP can be used instead of Teflon PTFE is used on cables and wires, because the whole fluorine ethylene propylene FEP's excellent performance.

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