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Fluorine Rubber Seal

  Fluorine rubber seal, for the engine seal, can be 200 ℃ ~ 250 ℃ long-term work, at 300 ℃ short-term work, its working life and engine repair life can be the same, up to 1000 ~ 5000 flight hours (time 5 ~ 10 years); for the chemical industry, sealed inorganic acids (such as 67% sulfuric acid at 140 ℃, 70 ℃ concentrated hydrochloric acid, 30% nitric acid), organic solvents (such as chlorinated hydrocarbons, benzene, high aromatic gasoline ) And other organic substances (such as butadiene, styrene, propylene, phenol, 275 ℃ under the fatty acids, etc.); for deep well production, can withstand 149 ℃ and 420 atmospheric pressure harsh working conditions; for superheated steam seal , Can be 160 ~ 170 ℃ in the steam medium long-term work. In the production of monocrystalline silicon, commonly used fluorine rubber seal to seal the high temperature (300 ℃) under the special medium - trichlorosilane, silicon tetrachloride, gallium arsenide, phosphorus trichloride, trichlorethylene and 120 ℃ Hydrochloric acid and so on.

  In high vacuum applications, when the flight height of 200 ~ 300Km, the pressure of 133 × 10-6 Pa (10-6mmHg), chloroprene rubber, butyl rubber, butyl rubber can be applied; when the flight height of more than 643Km, The air pressure will drop to 133 × 10-7Pa (10-7mmHg) below, in this high vacuum only fluorine rubber can be applied. Usually in the high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum system before use, subject to high temperature baking treatment, 26 type, 246 type fluorine rubber can withstand 200 ℃ ~ 250 ℃ high temperature aging, thus becoming a high vacuum equipment and the most important rubber aircraft material.

  Hose made of fluorine rubber for high temperature, oil and special media occasions, such as aircraft fuel oil, hydraulic oil, synthetic diester oil, high temperature hot air, heat inorganic and other special media (such as chlorinated hydrocarbons and Other chlorides), and the like. Made of fluorine rubber wire and cable flexibility is good, and has good insulation. Fluorine rubber made of glass fiber tape, 300 ℃ high temperature and chemical resistance. Aramid cloth coated with fluoride plastic, can produce petrochemical plants high temperature, acid and alkali storage tank between the connecting telescopic tube (both ends can have metal flange connection), can withstand high pressure, high temperature and medium corrosion, and On the deformation of the two tanks from the cushioning cushioning effect. Nylon cloth coated with fluoride after the tape made of sealed bags, as the refinery in the floating roof tank with a soft seal, play a seal to reduce the evaporation of the oil surface and so on.

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