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How Much Can The PTFE Sheet Withstand High Temperature

  How much can the PTFE Sheet withstand high temperature

  PTFE Sheet is suitable for -180℃~+250℃ temperature, mainly used as electrical insulating material and contact corrosion medium lining, supporting slider, track and rail seals and lubricating materials, widely used in chemical industry, medicine, dye industry containers, tanks, reactor reactor, large pipeline anti-corrosion lining materials, machinery, construction, Traffic Bridge Slider, guide, printing and dyeing, light industry, textile and other anti-corrosion materials. It has solved many problems in China's chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other fields. PTFE seals, washers, gaskets, PTFE seals, gaskets are selected suspension polymerization PTFE resin molding processing made. Compared with other plastics, PTFE has the characteristics of chemical resistance, it has been widely used as a sealing material and filler material.
its complete thermal decomposition product at about 500 degrees Celsius has four fluorine ethylene, six fluorine propylene and eight fluorine ring butane, these products at high temperature will decompose the high corrosive fluorine-containing gas. At present, all kinds of PTFE products have been in the chemical industry, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, military, aerospace, environmental protection and bridges and other national economic fields played a pivotal role.

  1, PTFE Sheet maximum range of 2.8 meters, length infinitely long. The selection of suspended PTFE resin by molding process, according to the production process is divided into molded plate and turning plate two kinds. In the known plastic PTFE has the best chemical resistance and dielectric properties, not aging, Non-stick, in the case of no load can be used at 180 ℃ to +280℃ temperature, in the known solid material it has a minimum friction coefficient.

  2, use: processing and making gaskets, seals, lining clapboard, scraper, guide, and various frequencies used in electrical insulation, bridge support slider.

  3, Specifications: customized according to customer requirements, PTFE Sheet maximum range of 1.5 meters.

  Teflon is also known as Teflon, PTFE, Teflon, Plastic king. It has a very superior comprehensive performance, called Plastic King, is widely used in various fields of national economy, but the Teflon surface is extremely smooth, difficult and other materials bonded together, affecting its scope of use. In order to enlarge the application scope of PTFE, the product grade PTFE Surface Treatment agent has been developed, which is characterized as follows:

  PTFE Sodium Treatment agent can be used with PTFE pipe, sheet, film and filler PTFE surface treatment, the main performance appearance: Black paste Shear Strength: 9.8Mpa treated PTFE film surface resistance: Compared with the 1--2 to reduce the secondary side. Storage period (sealed preservation) more than 1 years. After treatment, the surface of PTFE does not withstand ultraviolet light irradiation, in the strong ultraviolet light long-term irradiation, will lose treatment effect. Therefore, the treatment of Teflon if not timely bonding, should avoid light preservation.

  Polyethylene PTFE Sheet, rods, tubes, mats appearance standards:

  (1) The color of the sheet is resin.

  (2) should be homogeneous texture, appearance, not allowed cracks, bubbles, delamination, mechanical damage, knife marks and other defects.

  (3) Allow a slight cloud-like elastic phenomenon.

  (4) The permissible 10x10cm area has a diameter of 0.1-0.5mm Non-metallic Impurities No more than 1, diameter of 0.5-2mm Non-metallic impurities not more than 1.

  (5) density of 2. $number. 3t/m3

  Polyethylene PTFE Sheet (teflon) commonly known as plastic King, F4, or Teflon. The suspension PTFE resin can be made into sheet, turning film and tube by molding. Can be suppressed push molding. can be mixed with graphite, such as plate, rod, packing, rope, raw material belt.

  PTFE Sheets are used in a wide range of temperatures (from 200 to +360 degrees Celsius). Basically, all chemicals have corrosion resistance except some fluoride and alkaline metal liquid. Excellent mechanical properties including anti-aging properties especially for bending and swinging applications. Excellent flame retardancy (in accordance with astm-d635 and D470 test steps, which are regulated as flame retardant materials in the air. Excellent insulation characteristics (regardless of their frequency and temperature) water absorption rate is very low, and has self-lubricating and viscous a series of unique properties.

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