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PFA The Point Weights Of Each Barrier Are Calculated According To Coulomb's Theorem Or Other Methods

Potential domain Analysis Method (abbreviated: PFA, full name: Potentialfieldapproach), also known as artificial potential field method. For navigation, operation surface avoidance, Robot automatically seek road. In essence, the information of the surrounding obstructions is a particle, and the point weights of each obstacle are calculated according to the Coulomb's theorem or other methods.


Material performance

1, for a small amount of total fluorine propyl vinyl ether and PTFE copolymer. The melt adhesion was enhanced, the solubility of dissolved body decreased, and the performance was unchanged compared with that of PTFE. This kind of resin can be processed into products directly by the ordinary thermoplastic molding method.

2, the long-term use of temperature -80--260, has excellent chemical resistance to all chemical corrosion resistance, friction coefficient in the lowest plastic, there is good electrical properties, its electrical insulation is not affected by temperature, there is "Plastic king".

3. Its chemical resistance is similar to PTFE, which is better than that of vinylidene fluoride.

4, its resistance to creep and compressive strength are better than PTFE, tensile strength is high, elongation rate can reach 100-300%. Good dielectric properties and excellent radiation resistance. Flame retardant up

5, non-toxic harm: With physiological inertia, can be implanted in the human body.

V0 class

1, suitable for making corrosion resistant parts, wear-resisting parts, seals, insulating parts and medical device parts.

2, high-temperature wire, cable insulating layer, anti-corrosion equipment, sealing materials, pump valve bushings, and chemical containers.

Molding performance 1. Crystalline material, small moisture absorption. It can be processed into products by the usual thermoplastic processing method.

3, the fluidity is poor, extremely easy decomposition, the decomposition produces the corrosive gas. It is advisable to strictly control the molding temperature should not exceed 475 degrees, the mold should be heated to 150-200 degrees, the pouring system on the flow resistance should be small.

4, translucent granular material, injection molding, extrusion molding. Molding temperature 350-400 degrees, 475 degrees above easy to cause discoloration or occurrence of bubbles. and attention to demoulding will be more difficult.

5, because the melting material has the corrosive effect to the metal, the long-term production, the mold needs the electroplating chromium treatment.

PFA FEP PTFE has similar chemical properties, but the FEP can only be used under 200 degrees, and PTFE cannot be molded.

The melting point of the PFA is about 580F, the density is 2.13-2.16G/CC (g/cc). PFA is similar to PTFE and FEP, but the mechanical properties are slightly better than FEP at 302T, and can be used at temperatures up to 500F, and its chemical resistance is comparable to that of PTFE. The PFA product form has a granular product for moulding and extrusion, which is used for the powder products of rotary moulding and coating; The U.S. market distribution of PFA resin has dupout company's Teflon card, Daikin company Neoflon card, Ansimont company Hthen Card, HOechst Celanese company HOSTAFL card. The use of PFA is similar to that of FEP.

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