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PTFE Has Excellent Chemical Stability

Teflon (hereinafter referred to as F4) is a crystalline polymer, it has excellent chemical stability, thermal stability and very low coefficient of friction, it is a good anti-friction, self-lubricating materials. Its main drawback is in the external force and high-speed conditions, prone to creep, resulting in changes in the size of the product.

Filled with polytetrafluoroethylene (hereinafter referred to as F4) is added in F4 bronze powder, silicon disulfide, glass fiber powder, molybdenum disulfide, graphite, polystyrene and other fillers, so that the performance of F4 improved as follows: ① resistance to load Deformation can improve 5 times; ② increase in rigidity 4 to 5 times; ③ thermal expansion coefficient decreased 1 / 3-1 / 2; ④ thermal conductivity increased by 2 times; ⑤ hardness increased by 10%; ⑥ compressive strength increased 2 to 3 times.

Uses: F4 filled with compressor piston ring, guide ring, sealing ring, low temperature bearings and machine tool rail friction plate and so on. Filling F4 has excellent engineering performance, but its non-adhesive properties make its application subject to certain restrictions. Radiation grafting F4 (hereinafter referred to as grafted F4) not only retains the inherent advantages of filling F4, but also with metal or non-metallic direct bonding. With CJ-91 adhesive, after curing curing shear strength up to 800N / cm2. Grafting F4 has good wear resistance, oil resistance, anti-climbing performance, it can be seen that it is the ideal machine tool mounting machine anti-friction compensation materials. Chengguang Chemical Research Institute has been mass production of 0. 2 ~ -1mm wide, wide and 120mm grafted F4 long roll of soft and 510mm × 105mm × (1.5 ~ 4) mm grafted F4 plate.

Process Essentials:

① The surface roughness of the guide rail to be bonded ≤Ra6. 3μm. Such as serious damage to the rail surface should meet the technical requirements of mechanical processing.

② in the bed (column or beam), try to install the slide plate and its transmission parts, to determine the slide plate can be normal transmission of the situation, the measurement of the gap between the guide surface.

The gap between the guide surface value of a bonding layer thickness (0. 08 ~ 0.12mm) + with scraping margin = guide plate thickness

Calculate the results of the above formula to select the approximate thickness of the graft filling F4 soft or plate. And according to the slide plate guide surface size cutting, allowing the surrounding area than the guide surface slightly <0.5 ~ lmm, but the soft band should be lengthened so that when the operation of bonding.

③ adhesive before the first use of acetone to be bonded to the surface of the surface repeatedly scrub clean, and then oxygen - acetylene flame baking, and then scrub with acetone, if conditions, with the brush plating technology in the electric liquid activated rail surface the best.

Fill the F4 soft band (plate) with water-impregnated grafting before bonding, and the good side of the wetting property indicates that the grafting amount is more. Wipe dry water and wipe with acetone.

④ It is recommended to use the DG-3S or CS-91 glue with the graft-filled F4 produced by Chenguang Chemical Research Institute. It can also use epoxy, phenolic and other adhesives. The principle of coating liquid is: should be thin, painted full, Tu uniform. In the metal guide surface transverse coating, in the graft filling F4 belt longitudinal coating, winter in the hot room or infrared heaters blowing blowing plastic and glue.

⑤ glue can be bonded after bonding, bonding should be filled with F4 flooring in the vertical and horizontal appropriate multiple times to move back and forth, and finally accurate positioning.

⑥ after bonding with the shape of the rails to adapt to the weight of the pressure on the guide plate, generally available shape, square flat pressure, if necessary, according to the shape of the rail shape of the temporary production of wood mold, in order to place pressurized weight. The best pressure to achieve the final pressure on the guide surface pressure is about 10N / cm2. After the pressure, such as along the sticky guide plate around the extrusion of stalk strips and does not flow, then the appropriate coating.

Pressure curing time: room temperature 25 ℃ 48h, heated to 60 ℃ and insulation 1h, winter construction should be heated to cure.

⑦ after curing, with a scraper dressing around and a slight chamfer, scraper force direction should be as much as possible with the glue into a certain angle, so as not to affect the peel layer. And then you can carry the rails with scraping.

Inlaid with F4 guide plate, only need to drill through the oil hole, without having to open the oil tank, in the oil tank position with sandpaper grinding can be about 0.02mm.

Note that if the bed guide rail is quenched by the electrical contact surface, the coupling rail can not be installed inlaid with F4 guide plate, otherwise the result is contrary to the expected.

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